Elderly and Disabled Passengers Can Now Use Orange Line Train for Free

The Punjab government has announced discounts on Orange Line Train fares for passengers.

Chief Minister (CM) Punjab, Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, made the announcement during a meeting. The decision entailed fixing phase-wise train fares along with free travel facilities for aged people and people with special needs. The meeting also decided on offering concessionary tickets for students and women.

Ex-chairman Planning and Development, Salman Ghani, and former Principal Secretary to CM, GM Sikandar, also formed an advisory body to shift Orange Line Train to solar power. The CM also announced a pilot project for electric buses in Lahore in a bid to promote the use of environmentally friendly public transport.

In August 2021, Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMTA) asked the provincial government to fix train fares as per distance to destinations. The new proposal suggests that the government will charge:

Rs. 20 for up to 5 kilometers of distance
Rs. 30 for up to 10 km
Rs. 40 for up to 15 km
Rs. 50 for up to 20 km
Rs. 60 for up to 25 km
Rs. 70 for up to 25 km and above.

Orange Line metro began operations in October 2020 with a fixed charge of Rs. 40 per trip. With a rise in inflation, PMTA has recommended fixing fairs as per distance traveled.

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