Eduard Preda highlights Pakistan as a significant ally for Romania within the South Asian region

ISLAMABAD: Eduard Preda, the Charge d’Affaires of Romania, expressed the utmost importance his country places on its alliance with Pakistan, emphasizing the intention to strengthen this bond further.

During the celebration of Romania’s National Day, Preda conveyed these sentiments, with Prime Minister Advisor on Overseas Pakistani Jawad Sohrab Malik attending as the chief guest. The event witnessed the presence of various government officials, military personnel, members of civil society, and the media.

Preda highlighted the significance of the National Day as a moment of reflection on the historic event of December 1st, 1918. This day holds deep meaning for all Romanians, both within the nation and abroad, serving as a reaffirmation of national unity, vision, and fundamental objectives.

He underscored that this day symbolizes solidarity in overcoming historical challenges faced as a nation, emphasizing the resilience and determination of the Romanian people to surmount hardships together and build a promising future.

Reflecting on Romania’s history and its struggles, Preda acknowledged the nation’s resilience through wars, natural disasters, famine, social tension, and oppressive political regimes. He emphasized the perseverance, courage, and sacrifice of the Romanian people in securing freedom and peace despite immense challenges.

Preda commemorated the anniversary of the Great Union as an opportunity to honor the sacrifices made by Romanians, laying the foundation for a modern Romania and integrating into the larger European community after the end of World War I.

He also paid tribute to over a million soldiers from South Asia who valiantly fought in World War I, with 60,000 from present-day Pakistani Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa making the ultimate sacrifice. Preda emphasized honoring these heroes and their contribution to defending ideals such as peace, freedom, democracy, and fundamental human rights.

Regarding diplomatic missions and bilateral relations, Preda emphasized the strong bilateral ties between Romania and Pakistan. He acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts in combatting terrorism, militancy, and radical extremism, expressing hope for continued cooperation in the international fight against terror.

Preda emphasized Romania’s commitment to enhancing the existing friendship and collaboration with Pakistan, aiming for a more dynamic and pragmatic relationship that reflects mutual interests across various fields. He concluded by expressing enthusiasm for advancing the bilateral agenda, as well as collaboration within the EU-Pakistan framework and in multilateral forums, particularly within the UN.

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