Islamabad: A Project of PEC Pakistan Development CommitteeIt is one of the needawaited remarkable projects for engineering students and faculty, withthe potential to revolutionize the learning methodology with familiarization and industrial practical exposure. This event was graced by renowned engineers, researchers, academicians and appraised by Engr. Lt Gen Kashif Nazir HI(M) as Chief Guest.
“Day Trip Learning” will provide engineering students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and occupational practices. It gives the students exposure to modern work practices complementing theoretical knowledge.

Engr Mir Masood Rashid advisor to chairman PEC and convenor PPDC welcomed all valuable guests,engineers, researchers, and academia personals. He highlighted that “Day Trip Learning” initiative holds the potential to transform the way we educate and inspire the next generation of engineers. As we all know, engineering is not merely about theory and equations; it is about practicality, innovation, and the drive to solve real-world problems. He also mentioned on the successful delivery of remarkable key projects launched by PPDC including Graduate Internee Training (6 months 75% sponsor by PEC), 17-UNSDG’s adoption roadmap, Yearly CAPSTONE EXPO, Final Year Design Projects sponsorship (Industrially viable projects) and E-GATEWAY (e-procurement portal for engineering services export).
Engr Lt General Moazzam (Retd) rector NUTECH university,welcomed all being technical support partner University in this project, appreciated the efforts of PEC and PPDC committee on launching of such great initiative as biggest current challenge is engineers’ exposure and right Jobs, with such initiatives it will bridge the gap between Industry & Academia. He appreciated other initiatives of PPDC especially the CAPSTONE EXPO, Graduate Internship Training (GIT) & PEC E-Gateway bringing motivation to engineering community to work on commercially viable projects.
Engr Muhammad Najeeb Haroon Chairman PEC highlighted the efforts of PPDC to create a bridge between academia & industry for the excellence of Engineers profession. Day Trip Learning is a revolutionary educational platform that transforms traditional learning into captivating, immersive adventures. Better understanding between academia and industry through students’ awareness of industry problems; industry awareness of university experience and technical resources; establishing partnership between universities and industry to address their needs through R&D and design project; commercialization prospects for university research and semester projects; and creation of internship and employment opportunities for university graduates in the industry. Need of time is to set firm direction for “Made in Pakistan” and that is only possible when Engineers will get opportunity to play role as think tank for federal government to prosper Pakistan. To address this today Inaugural meeting is planned in which first “Engineering Parliamentary Caucus” being established with the objective to provide assistance in all matters pertaining to engineering profession and policies required for the socio-economic development of the country.

Engr Lt General Kashif Nazir, E-in-C HI(M) chief guest of the ceremony appreciated the efforts of PEC and briefed audience that through “Day Trip Learning” initiative students will have the opportunity to step outside the confines of traditional classrooms and textbooks, immersing themselves in the heart of engineering marvels and technological wonders. Witnessing cutting-edge technologies in action, from advanced manufacturing facilities to precision robotics, will ignite their curiosity and passion for discovery. By experiencing the practical applications of what they learn in classrooms, students will truly grasp the essence of engineering and gain a deeper understanding of their chosen field.

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