It is story of the most blessed area of Punjab as far the climate, scenic beauty and social fabric were concerned. Unfortunately, now is one of the cursed area of Punjab due to interventions of past Govts whether functional under the dictator regimes or democratic. Everyone has contributed viciously in tarnishing the sanctity of this area. Now, guess about which part of Punjab I am talking? If you have travelled through Punjab, you would agree with me that the area being referred is the valley famous as ‘Kahoon Valley’. This starts from Kallar Kahar and extends up to Choa Saidan Shah. The valley was guarded by beautiful mountains and around 20 villages small & large are situated on the both sides of the road connecting Kallar Kahar and Choa Saidan Shah, Lives of people residing in these villages were tough due to lack of facilities of modern age but people were happy and peaceful. Some evil eyes couldn’t digest the peace and happy lives of residents of Kahoon.

An idea came in the minds of plunderers and looters of this country to extort money /profit by spoiling nature. This idea was to establish cement factories on this pure land. Many investors came forward to spoil this area just for their lust for more money. This idea was liked by General Pervez Musharraf in the venomity/ hatred against Mian Nawaz Sharif who was thrown out of power by General in a coup against the democratic govt of PML-N. Just keep in mind that earlier, Mian Sahib announced to preserve this natural beauty by declaring this area a ‘National Park’ to preserve the wildlife and natural scenic beauty like ‘Margalla National Park’. This was not digested by the anti- democratic and anti-human forces. Unluckily, local so-called leaders became the tools in their merciless hands and contributed with more negativity to take revenge from the motherland where they opened their eyes and would bury if accepted by this land.

We the residents of Kahoon Valley- would not be able to forgive these rascals as they were disloyal to the land where they grew up and instead of resisting such fatal ideas, became proponents of these. Anyway, the point I want to communicate that this area converted into hell for the people who were living here from centuries and contributed in the defense of motherland but Alas! They couldn’t defend their native area against the invaders who not only invaded physically by placing their unholy feet on the ground but also tarnished the sanctity of social fabric. Now, nobody can differentiate between a local

resident and the other who come in the guise of laborer but do criminal activities here.

Local residents are facing multifarious challenges. Road connecting Choa Saidan Shah and Kallar Kahar like a backbone for the whole area is in pathetic condition just because of the heavy trucks/trailers loaded with cement running on this poor road. Fatal accidents on this road have become a routine matter. Now, we are lucky enough that PML-N is again in power not only in Centre but in Punjab too. Maryyam Nawaz Sharif is a dynamic leader who loves every inch of Punjab and her father’s legacy as well. There is only a ray of hope in this leadership to take bold steps. People of this area havesacrificed a lot and now they deserve development as this area has been mutilated by the power brokers more than any other area of Punjab. I urge CM Punjab to take stringent measures to stop further depletion of the environment & social fabric by bringing these cement factories under certain laws so that they do not extend further by opening up other cement plants with the conspiracy of bureaucracy and interest groups. They should be made bound to prepare a separate road for their heavy traffic. In parallel, the existing road be made two lanes road not less in the quality than the motorway. Secondly, some villages have been provided with Sui gas and others are deprived. Being equal citizens. and residents of the area Sui Gas be provided in the villages neglected earlier like Maghal, Dalelpur and other villages.

I am very optimistic and hopeful that under the current Govt, our long outstanding issues would be addressed and at the same time I am scared that if these issued couldn’t be addressed now, then these would never be addressed again and we who love this land would be either compelled to migrate or will die by dying every day before natural death. Hope, daughter of Punjab will come to provide us relief as sons of Punjab have proved themselves incapable and incapacitated as we see in our daily lives that boys are lacking in every walk of life and girls are surmounting them. So, we have lot of expectations from the daughter of Punjab to come forward and preserve this fort of PML- N where voters of area have succeeded PML-N every time and have never despaired them. Likewise, PML-N would also not despair people of this area to keep them proud voters of this party. Hoping against hope, I have penned down these honest feelings and waiting to be responded with the same honesty.

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