China to continue improving business environment for foreign investment

BEIJING, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) Guest speakers at the China Economic Roundtable hosted by Xinhua News Agency have reiterated that China will continue to improve its business environment in order to boost foreign investment confidence.
Zhu Bing, director of the department of foreign investment administration of the Ministry of Commerce, stated that a stronger business environment provides free access, convenience and protection for foreign investment, all stipulated in China’s Foreign Investment Law.
On Jan. 1, 2020, China enforced the law, which includes a comprehensive and fundamental set of legal standards for foreign investors and aims to better protect their rights and interests.
With unified provisions for the entry, promotion, protection and management of foreign investment, China’s Foreign Investment Law has addressed foreign firms’ concerns and provided facilitation and ease to foreign investment.
Zhang Wei, vice president of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation under the Ministry of Commerce, believes that the foreign investment expectations changed in different stages of China’s opening up, and that the country never stopped optimizing the management and promotion of foreign investment.
She said China’s suitable cost performance, well-developed supporting facilities, favorable business environment and huge opportunities remain appealing.
With a shorter negative list for foreign investment, the landmark Foreign Investment Law, and the first negative list for cross-border services trade in Hainan Province, China has been unleashing institutional dividends to expand development room for foreign enterprises and share its super-sized market.
China Economic Roundtable is an all-media talk platform launched by Xinhua News Agency, with the third episode featuring the foreign trade and investment.

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