China has indicated that the media has uncovered security concerns pertaining to iPhones.

Beijing: In a statement on Wednesday, China acknowledged the existence of numerous media reports highlighting security incidents involving iPhones. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning, during a routine press conference, emphasized China’s commitment to information and cybersecurity, noting that both domestic and foreign companies are treated equally.

Mao explicitly denied any prohibitions on government officials purchasing or using foreign smartphones, including iPhones. She clarified, “China has not enacted any laws, regulations, or policies that restrict the acquisition and utilization of foreign-brand smartphones, including iPhones.”

Mao further stated, “We maintain an open approach to foreign enterprises.” Apple’s stock experienced a significant decline last week in response to reports suggesting substantial limitations on iPhones within government offices and state-affiliated entities in China.

Initially, The Wall Street Journal reported that China had banned the use of Apple smartphones in central government agencies. This was followed by a Bloomberg News report indicating that China planned to extend the ban to encompass government-supported agencies and state-owned enterprises, broadening its impact within a centrally planned economy.

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