China advocates for the establishment of a legal framework regarding arms control in outer space.

China urged support and active engagement from relevant nations in advocating for negotiations aimed at establishing a legal framework concerning arms control in outer space.

During the routine briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin highlighted that certain countries have consistently rejected the primary approach of negotiating a legal instrument, citing technical reasons. They have also raised doubts regarding the essential consensus of preventing an arms race in outer space.

Wang’s statements followed the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption of a resolution titled “No first placement of weapons in outer space,” introduced jointly by China and Russia. The resolution received approval with 127 votes in favor.

He emphasized that the international community’s enduring aspiration is to uphold security and peace in outer space while thwarting any potential arms escalation. Wang referenced the 1978 UN special session on disarmament, which initially proposed preventing an arms race in outer space through negotiations.

Highlighting over four decades of consistent UN General Assembly resolutions, Wang noted their recurring emphasis on negotiations for new international legal instruments, reflecting global concerns about actions that could weaponize or militarize outer space.

China, Russia, and other nations have persistently submitted the draft resolution on “No first placement of weapons in outer space” to the UNGA each year, reinforcing the consistent support from the international community for negotiations toward establishing an international legal framework for arms control in outer space and ensuring the non-placement of weapons in that domain.

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