Australian Football League: Pakistan Men’s and Women’s Teams Return Home with Mixed Results

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s women’s team made their debut in the Australian Asian Championship, and their performance was marked by both victories and challenges. In a remarkable achievement, the Pakistan women’s team triumphed over the host nation, Thailand, during their first-ever appearance in the tournament.
Zulfiqar Chaudhery, the team’s official, expressed immense satisfaction with the women’s team’s performance and specifically commended Coach Michael Gallus. Gallus provided guidance through videos and motivational talks, leveraging his expertise from Australia.

Despite the thrilling victory against Thailand with a score of 8-2, Pakistan’s women’s team faced tough competition and encountered losses against Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. “This is a moment of great pride for Pakistan, as Coach Michael Gallus ensured the team remained dedicated to practice and the fundamentals, yielding positive results,” remarked Zulfiqar Ahmed.
It’s worth noting that, under Michael’s guidance, Pakistan’s men’s team had previously clinched the championship. However, due to prior commitments, Michael couldn’t accompany the team this time, leading to a less successful performance. The men’s team secured victories against Cambodia and Indonesia with scores of 38-8 and 15-14, respectively, but faced defeats against Malaysia (13-4) and Thailand (14-5).

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