An imam in New Jersey was fatally shot outside a mosque

An inquiry is currently in progress to determine the motive behind the shooting of Imam Hassan Sharif, who was identified as the victim in the tragic incident.

Authorities in Newark reported on Wednesday that an imam from a mosque on South Orange Avenue was shot and gravely injured, subsequently passing away after being rushed to the hospital.

Upon arriving at the scene, officials found Sharif lying in the parking area, approximately 10 feet away from the mosque entrance.

Local media reports and New Jersey’s spokesperson confirmed the fatal shooting of Imam Hassan Sharif from the Masjid Muhammad-Newark.

Despite being taken to the hospital in critical condition, the imam was later pronounced deceased.

The state’s Attorney General, Matthew Plotkin, mentioned that bias didn’t seem to be a motivating factor in the shooting.

Plotkin stated, “While this investigation is ongoing, there’s no information suggesting bias as a motive at this time,” emphasizing that all possible angles and leads will be thoroughly investigated to bring the perpetrator or perpetrators to justice.

Governor Phil Murphy urged individuals to step forward and share any information they might have regarding the shooter.

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