A street art installation in Barcelona advocates for peace in Gaza

A street art installation by French artist James Colomina appeared on Barcelona’s Ramblas boulevard, urging an end to the conflict in Gaza and calling for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Entitled “The Children of Peace,” the installation features two statues painted entirely in Colomina’s signature bright red. One child wears a Jewish kippah while the other sports a Palestinian keffiyeh, both holding hands. In front of them stands a white canvas displaying a heart shape with the peace symbol, crafted from red handprints.

“This is a plea for peace between the two communities,” remarked 67-year-old pensioner Renee Sanchez as she passed by. “That’s what everyone desires. Let everyone live their lives and put aside all the hatred.”

Although Colomina wasn’t present at the site, he informed Reuters that he selected Barcelona due to its reputation as a city where street art holds significant influence worldwide.

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