‘This Kind Of Love Is Bullsh*T,’ Nadia Afgan Demands To Ban ‘Kabir Singh-Like’ Pakistani Dramas

Looks like all the current Pakistani dramas are following the “Kabir Singh” concept male protagonist being in rage mode every single time.

That’s what triggered our audience even the actress Nadia Afgan who’s Pakistan’s one of the finest actresses of her time.

Nadia Afgan Demands To Ban ‘Kabir Singh-Like’ Pakistani Dramas
Source: Express Tribune

Nadia Afgan wants all Pakistani dramas that follow “Kabir Singh” tropes to be banned immediately.

Recently, the Misfit star raised her voice against the toxic narratives in local dramas and criticized the industry for openly showcasing domestic violence and abusive romance.

Nadia Afgan appeared at the show Chocolate Times where she shared her frustration over the local dramas.

Nadia Afgan Wants To Ban Pakistani Dramas

During the interview, when the host asked her about her opinions on the local drama industry. “I hate these misogynistic dramas. There was one Kabir Singh type-drama of Danish Taimoor recently too.

These dramas show these male figures and their abuse as love; let me tell you, this kind of love is bullsh*t,” she said, referring to Taimoor’s Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi starring Durefishan Saleem and Nauman Ijaz. The drama was top-rated when it aired last year.

Afgan further shared that such dramas have a wrong impact on young viewers out there. They conceive that pursuing someone in this manner with relentless and aggressive behavior is acceptable.

She argued for the immediate ban of all dramas that romanticize or glamorize abusive and psychotic behavior.

“We’re teaching young kids that once you like someone, you should go crazy after them and go with guns to chase them. Imagine!” she added.

The Portrayal Of Toxic Heroes In Pakistani Dramas - Will It Ever Stop?
Source; Bransynario

“It is crucial to teach young individuals the importance of consent,” Afgan continued. “Whether it is a girl saying no or even a guy saying no – because girls also chase men – we should respect their decision. Junooni hone ki kya zaroorat hai? There is no need to become obsessive about it.”

Nadia Afgan has been in the industry for a long time, she shared her journey with her friend Omair Rana.

I Choose Selective Projects

Nadia previously shared the reason behind her choosing fewer projects. “Most of the scripts that come to me are clichéd.

All I get to read are mother-in-law quarrels, sister-in-law quarrels, and cruel brother-in-law quarrels. I don’t feel like I need to act anymore. It’s like I’m reenacting the same scenes over and over again,” she stated.

Afgan feels that she might as well take on lesser projects but more diverse ones, or at least only take up projects that offer her a different role than the ones she’s played before. “I am an actor and every actor wants to try on a new skin, a new costume, find an alter ego. And play it out as well as they can,” she said.

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